Small business in South Africa is seen as the driving force for economic growth and we agree; it is central to sustainable job creation. Enterprise Development Programmes are often seen from only the perspective of government and corporate as providing support to black entrepreneurs with small businesses.

However, we view effective Enterprise Development Programmes as also being a value driver for any large organisation that wants to achieve sustainable growth in the South African economy. At FTG Consult we understand that for small business to become big business, support is key; which is why we offer innovative solutions that encourage business growth.

We strive to create value to all our clients by ensuring that their suppliers deliver measurable results and show sustainable growth. Our program ensures that suppliers grow and graduate through the stages of ESD from their entry into the Enterprise Development Program to the Supplier Development Program and eventually graduating and becoming Preferred Suppliers.


Why Partner With Us
We understand that in order for any large corporate operating in South Africa to thrive and make a positive impact in the economy it must increase its:

  • Competitiveness 
  • Capacity 
  • Capability
In order for this to happen, large businesses must understand that their success is enhanced by their investment into smaller businesses; creating more jobs and increasing growth in the economy in an inclusive manner. Enterprise Supplier Development is one of the most effective ways to ensure competitiveness, increase capacity and capability. Organisations can reach their long term goals by using their procurement expenditure to ensure local development through sustainable localisation of its supply chain and the inclusion of the previously disadvantaged in the economy.